The Winnica Giermasińskich vineyard is placed in Kazimierz Dolny (city located by the Vistula river, south-east from Warsaw) . Taking a short walk from the city center along the Nadrzeczna and Kwaskowa Góra streets, we are reaching to the beautiful, but also slightly forgotten gorge, that leads us to the top of the hill where our vineyard is located.

The lands where our vineyard is placed have been owned by our Family for several generations. Formerly grandpa Stanisław Giermasiński was growing beautiful courts there (vintage varieties of apple and plum trees), hazels and currant bushes, that are still in our memories. As small children we were picking fruits from there, and we were selling them at the small bridge at Nadrzeczna Street, that led to the family house where now our winery is placed. Earned money where spent for lovely ice creams (we strongly recommend them!) from ice cream parlor on Sadowa Street, that still exist till this day.

The hill where our vineyard is located is surrounded by forests and an old court. Slightly sloping terrain makes grapes perfectly sunlit and the loess ground keeps humidity very well, even in hot summer periods.
In spring 2015 the area of an old currant bushes and fruit court was prepared for making our Grandpa dreams come true – growing real vineyard. At that time, we have made first steps in this direction by planting around 50 grapevines of different selections. Just after the first winter we were sure, that all the grapevine varieties were correctly selected, and we decided to continue our work. Taking into consideration, that nowadays we live far away from Kazimierz Dolny, and at 2016 our first daughter was born, we had to show real determination to lead our vineyard to the current condition. Full of positive energy and thoughts, we have sacrificed all spare time we had for the vineyard making also our dreams to become true.

Currently our vineyard occupies half a hectare of our land, and we grow there such grape varieties like Riesling, Solaris, Bianca, Seyval Blanc, Hibernal, La Crescent, Maréchal Foch, Leon Millot and Saint Pepin. In the future, we are planning to extend the area of grapevines up to 2 hectares.


Our vineyard was born from many years of passion and experience handed down through generations. Wine traditions of Giermasiński’s Family are tracked back to the early years of XX century, where in 1929 our Grandpa Stanisław Giermasiński was reaching knowledge and experience during practice in Winery in Jastków located around 40 km from Kazimierz Dolny. He was involved in grape juice pressing, musts preparation, fermentation process and finally wine clarification.

The passion for wine and fruit court was disturbed by the Second World War. After very difficult wartime partially spent in captive camp, our Grandpa successfully returned to the Family land. His passion to the wine did not ceased! In 1952 our Grandpa had established the first, and so far the only Winery in Kazimierz Dolny, which was placed in one of old granary from XVIII century, that is located at Puławska Street near Vistula river. In the following years our Grandpa had established another Winery in Nałęczów near Kazimierz Dolny. Later on he was also working in Wineries in Jozefów and Cieleśnica. Finally he went into retirement, and settled in Kazimierz Dolny, where he was living until the end of his days in 1983.

Next generations of our family carried on the wine producing tradition, grapevine and fruit court growing. The knowledge and experience gained during these long years is something, which stays in our family till now.

This passion and almost a hundred years of tradition, we want to share with you now.


The Winnica Giermasińskich vineyard

ul. Nadrzeczna 21A
24-120 Kazimierz Dolny

(+48) 722300734